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Activities To Do With a Child with Autism

Often times, parents, teachers, and caregivers to children with autism put so much time and energy into the education and organization of the lives of the children they care for, that they can forget that these children need fun in their lives just as much as structure. Children with Autism need to enjoy themselves and participate in various activities just as much as any other child. The question that arises when creating activities for children with autism is what is suitable, what can they follow and ultimately what will be fun and educational for the child. Luckily, many games and activities that children with autism can enjoy actually help them develop their motor, social, and focusing skills.

Games like “I Spy,” guessing games, art activities, or games involving music are a few examples of activities suitable that also help develop certain skills.

A game like “I Spy” helps children learn to focus on a particular object while they describe it. Having your child describe the object in as much detail as he or she can helps with processing, verbal communication, and social skills.

Guessing games where children have to use senses other than vision to describe an object help them become more familiar with the world around them. Have your child use senses like smell or touch instead of sight and they will have fun playing the game while simultaneously working on communication skills.

Use art as a medium to help your child have fun while developing expression skills in a non-verbal way. Use activities like finger painting, coloring, and drawing to help children express their emotions as well as learn about texture, color, and creativity.

Games involving song and music can teach children a variety of lessons. Use songs to help children learn how to dress themselves, or get ready for bed. You can even use songs to help a child get through an activity that is necessary but not particularly fun, like going to the doctor or dentist. Other ways a song can help a child develop is through incorporation with physical activity like jumping or running.

With any of these activities, make sure your child is enjoying his or herself. Do the activities right along side of your child and make sure you are both having fun during the entire activity, the learning will come naturally over time.

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