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What is Aspergerís Syndrome?

Aspergerís Syndrome, named after Hans Asperger who first described the disorder, is a condition that delays the development of many basic skills. Usually children are first diagnosed with this disorder anywhere between the ages of two and six. The most common and easily recognized skills that are delayed in individuals with Aspergerís are the ability to comfortably socialize with others, communicate effectively, and the use of imagination. Individuals also have an intense interest in specific topics. The exact cause of Aspergerís syndrome is currently unknown.

The symptoms of Aspergerís can vary in severity. Common symptoms include problems with social skills, repetitive behaviors, unusual rituals, communication difficulties, limited range of interests, organizational skills, anxiety, and coordination problems. Children with Aspergerís may also display a special skill or talent, such as a proficiency in music or math. Studies suggest that Aspergerís syndrome affects .024% to .36% of children, and is more common in males than in females.

There are 3 common areas of deficit for individuals with Asperger's. The first is "Theory of Mind or Mind Blindness". This is the ability to know what another is thinking or feeling. Language is usually interpreted as literal and there is difficulty reading social cues, such as, sarcasm and jokes. The second is "Central Coherence Deficit". This is being able to gather bits of information and put together to construct a higher level meaning - being able to get the overall point of something and not just the details. The last deficit is "Executive Function". This entails time management, organization, planning, and impulsivity.

They do, however, have viable treatment options. Due to the higher level of intelligence found in people with Aspergerís syndrome, people with this condition are usually able to function very well in society. However, as they grow older and reach adulthood, they may experience problems communicating and adapting to others.

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