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Specializing in Autism,
Behavior & Communication


Diane F. Black, M.Ed., BCBA


(302) 530-3999
Diane Black, M.Ed.


Paragon offers consultation to families and professionals working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, cognitive delays, speech and language disorders, behavior disorders, and learning disabilities. We work with staff in school districts, private agencies, family members, as well as professionals in the medical field.

Professional Consultation

We will work with staff to:

  • Determine the function of student's behavior
  • Develop and implement a behavior intervention plan
  • Implement the Positive Behavioral Support Strategies
  • Implement the Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Collect and average data- make changes to the behavior plan based on data

During our visits
We will:

  • Give practical, ready to implement ideas
  • Leave written notes for the teacher
Consultation for Autism and Asperger's 

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Family Consultation

Structuring the Home
We work with families to structure their home environment which, in turn, will help reduce behavior and increase skill level for their child. Our interventions are designed to meet the needs of the families and their child within the home setting.

We will work with families to:

  • Give them the strategies so that they can teach their child
  • Structure their home environment
  • Help them implement functional communication systems with their child
  • Develop behavior intervention plans

During our visits
We will leave:

  • Detailed notes of recommendations
  • Practical, ready to implement strategies
Consultation for Autism and Asperger's 

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