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Tips for Teachers: Help Students with Autism Succeed

When you are teaching students with autism, always take into consideration a studentís social ability, communication capabilities, as well as special academic needs. In order to aid a student with problems in these areas, a teacher must be able to provide accommodations as well as understanding in order to keep structure in the classroom.

Here are a few tips teachers can use in order to help students with autism succeed in a classroom situation:

  • Children with autism tend to be visual learners, using many visual cues around the classroom will help the student feel more at ease as well as absorb more information. Use imagery to go along with lessons and your students will take away more.
  • Provide routine and structure for your students. Write down what the lesson plan is for the day on the board for students to see. Also write down what was covered the day before as a refresher.
  • Use a day planner to help the student stay on track.
  • Provide students with extended testing time. Sometimes giving verbal tests in replace of written ones can be helpful as well.
  • Have a buddy system for your students with autism; have peers work directly with them to help them follow direction and stay on task.
  • Use the studentís interest to help them expand their knowledge. If a student has an interest in trains, use math word problems involving trains, or have them write about their favorite trains.
  • Always check in with your students, making sure you are on the same page. Make sure
  • they understand the content in your lesson and be open to any and all questions.

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